Andrej Cepko - a pilot who is keen on aviation history. He started flying gliders as 15 year old boy. Recently Andrej works as flight instructor in a renowned Air School and as a corporate pilot on charter flights. Whenever there is such chance he would swap Cessna or Piper flight deck for a cockpit of aeroplanes adherent to the Czech aviation history. To let his child dreams come true on classic machines just like Tiger Moth or Magister- training legends of the WWII. It feels quite symbolic for a professional flight instructor to saddle an open historic airplane that used to be the very first bird for the majority of RAF pilots to solo on.

Andrej Cepko airborne flying a T.34 Mentor - nowadays considered a vintage aircraft too


Ivo Kardoš - a fighter pilot of the Czech Air Force by profession. Apart from fulfilling all operational and training missions as any other elite pilot of the 211th tactical squadron he displays the supersonic JAS-39 Gripens on local and remote airshows. Czech Gripens are based at Caslav AFB. On the way to Hradec Kralove where he lives there is Podhorany Airfield with Aviation Museum Hangar in one corner and few ancient airplanes in here. The contrast between the ultramodern combat aircraft and a historic biplane is ultimate. Ivo handles both virtuously and both he takes for honour to fly. Such combination is a guarantee that one can't guess any easily what is joy and what is work to him.


 Ivo Kardoš  after his Gripen display on SIAF airshow held at Sliač AFB , Slovakia, in September 2017


Richard Santus – a professional pilot, Royal Air Force enthusiast and a promoter of historic heritage of Czechoslovak exile airmen. He runs Aeropartner a Charter Airline located at Prague international airport operating a fleet of Citation business jets. His pilots wear uniforms inspired by the WWII RAF service dress fitted with British and Czechoslovak insignia of that era. The international air carrier three letter code of Aeropartner is DFC. It also stands for the "Distinguished Flying Cross", a British distinction to airmen who demonstrate acts of valour, courage and devotion to duty. During WWII, tens of Czechoslovaks were awarded the DFC

Richard Santus wearing his Aeropartner uniform inspired by the famous pattern