Can strongly be recommended. Get airborne in an open biplane we may truly state is the genuine wartime veteran. Those who dare will have it upside down with some flip overs as a bonus. Furthermore some authentic gear including flying boots, helmet and goggles are available for lend so that you don’t look out of place on your photo and video memories.   

Flight time 30 minutes price £220 (or CZK or EUR as per official daily CNB exchange rate)  

Flying a pair or even three aircraft in close formation brings even more joy. Passengers may observe each other from their "own" airplane, take photos or grimace on fellow passenger who could be a friend, a fiancé or a grandpa (live passengers only).

A pair of aircraft: Flight time 30 minutes price £440 (or CZK or EUR as per official daily CNB exchange rate)
Three aircraft formation: Flight time 30 minutes price £650 (or CZK or EUR as per official daily CNB exchange rate)

Maximum allowable weight of each passenger is 220 lbs (100 kg). For the Miles Magister up to 230 lbs (105 kg).

ATTENTION NEW !!! Sightseeing flight in Aero-145 !!!

Flight time 20 minutes price £180 (or or CZK or EUR as per official daily CNB exchange rate) all seats maximum capacity 3 persons

Gift Certificate: Yes, we can send you a voucher via email or post. It would be valid for 6 months from the date of issue.
How to schedule your flight: Paste here for your enquiry. Note your preferred date (dates) and we will acknowledge or suggest other dates in our reply. We generally recommend a warmer day (15 deg C or more) to sustain a pleasant experience.  
Payment: Wire transfer once your flight has been scheduled or credit card/QR payment/cash on the spot (CZK, EUR, GBP)
Getting there: A discreet slip from the main road I/37 at the fish lake in Novy Dvur will lead you to our parking Northern side of the hangar so that you don't have to drive across the airfield. Click here for a map.
Miscellaneous: We do not operate in strong winds, fog and/or precipitation. If any of these conditions occur on your day there is no objection to re-schedule. Passenger's fitness needs to be considered before booking and re-considered before boarding the old lady


The RAF battle dress is available in small sizes too. Boots on the left pic, however, are subject to looting (Luftwaffe). Sizes XXL+ during the war were only produced in the USA. Therefore these are not on stock in order to maintain the high level of authenticity.